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Strange Metatron Dream

A strange occurrence happened on the night of 25Jun2020 that was the inspiration for the picture posted.

Through the first half of the night, I was having trouble sleeping. I found myself tossing from side to side as I couldn't get over the feeling that I was being watched. I kept waking up and felt that there was a presence in one of the corners of the bedroom. It was a corner that was nearest to me, between the bedside table and my dresser.

I remember trying to do Trinity aimed at the corner while I lay in bed, half dreaming, not knowing if this experience was even real. I thought that perhaps I could get it to go away. I was afraid at first, but then when I asked myself if it was dangerous. I felt that it wasn't malicious. My intuition was telling me that it just seemed to be there without purpose.

Well, after my fear subsided, I lay half awake wondering what I should do. I was haven't trouble getting back to sleep and I also wasn't comfortable having my back toward that corner.

Suddenly, a tiny ball of light came toward me from the corner. I screamed in my dream, but it was only a small hum that escaped my lips, as the ball of light was pushed toward me and was absorbed it my left eye duct.

After that, I no longer sensed the being there and was able to fully fall asleep. I had awesome dreams after that. I had more confidence in my dream state.

I dreamed I was a beautiful dragon of blue and ice. I could shape shift.

Later that day, I told a friend of mine via chat what had happened that night. She is the Trinity instructor I learned from. She felt it wasn't there to hurt me, but it had something to give me. It was there to remind me of something that I was missing.

As I was texting, I could feel pressure in near my left eye where the ball of light had entered.

While chatting with her, I also had a vision of who the being in the corner was.

He was some form of Metatron, but in the form of dragon. He was an ivy green with it's wings spread open in from of a yellow center to green background. This is the picture in this post.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them.


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