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I’ve read in various books that one great way to help others that are on a similar journey is to document your journey and share it. As in, to show your work and processes. Sometimes an intermediate can help a beginner better than an expert can, in a sense that the intermediate has a similar mindset, having just been a beginner. Documenting my journey hasn’t come easy to me. My main issue is commitment and consistency. So, to combat these issues, I generally will time block my calendar

. This involves scheduling a time to do the tasks that I want to get done but I tend to get distracted from. Another way is to make lists or tasks. I happen to use an app called “Reminder app” for this one on my phone. I can set separate tasks, and I can even have the alerts to go off at a specific date and time. For instance, I set all of the chores I need to do when I get home to go off about the time I arrive home from work. This also allows me to set reminders throughout the day as I remember what needs to be done, instead of trying to remember all of the tasks at once. Another method is going up to the office, rather than sitting in the living room with my laptop out. Having the TV right in front of me is way too much of a temptation, so when I remove myself from that environment, it’s easier to focus. Accessibility is also a factor. What I mean by this is for the material or tools in which you will need are easily accessible and clearly visible. This is why my art table is set up in the living room. It’s almost always there and I can simply sit down, work on an art project and have the TV on for background noise. Having craft days where friends come over to do craft projects also is helpful. I tend to want to do what other people are doing at the moment. This list isn’t all inclusive. These are methods that happen to help me and may not work for everyone. Do you have any methods that work for you? I'm interested to know what others do to stay consistent. Ashley


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