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Crystal Paintings

What are Crystal Paintings?


They are paintings with powdered crystals or gemstones mixed into the paint.


How do you make them?


The same way I paint other paintings, except I mix the powdered crystals into the paint and I add it onto the canvas. I make the powder by taking pieces of crystals or gemstones, and grounding them with a Granite Mortar and Pestle. It is quite and endeavor.


Where do you get your powder crystals and gemstones?


I order some of it online, but I have been unable to find a permanent supplier. I make my own when I am unable to find the powder I am looking for.



Can you grind any crystal or gemstone?


Unfortunately no. The gem must be at a lower hardness level than the Granite mortar and Pestle, otherwise, it may actually break my tools. So, I am unable to grind things like Sapphire or Diamond.


How do these benefit me? What makes these different?


Some believe that these crystals and stones have metaphysical and healing properties. Each crystal or gem has it’s own unique abilities and attributes. The power of the gemstones can be added to any room while not taking up any desk space. The energy of the painting can shift the feel of the room that it is placed in.


Do the gems affect the color of the paint?


In most cases no. Most of these are simply added to the paint for the spiritual properties. But, there are some paintings that I create, where the pigment is entirely from the specific gemstone that I use. In this case, I actually add the powder to plaster or clear adhesive.

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